Frequently Asked Questions

The Guarantee covers that the rent will be paid on the due date for as long as the tenant occupies the property. In the event of serious arrears we cover the court costs and the eviction process that may be incurred if the tenant is to be evicted from the property the rent is still paid to you until vacant possession of the property.
The guarantee will last for the duration the tenant occupies the property.
The rental payment will be paid on the due date monthly in advance once the tenancy starts the rental payments are paid within normal working hours on the date the rent is due or the next working day if the payment falls on a weekend / bank holiday.
We charge a slightly higher monthly fee than our normal management fee please see the Landlord Fee page for further details.
Most others offer a Rent on Time scheme, but will only pay you a proportion of your market rent which is normally 25% less than the current market rent . Lancashire Lettings pay you the FULL market rent.
Most other schemes will charge you for this service in addition to the regular management fees.
Most other schemes offer a Rent Guarantee, but will not pay your Rent on Time whilst a claim is being made which can take months to complete.
Over 25 year’s property experience and comprehensive referencing means we do not make mistakes.
Our financial strength means we set aside significant reserves to ensure landlords are paid on time.
We take out appropriate insurance to manage our risks.

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